Learning Apps

The following apps created with Python / Jupyter Notebook / Google Colab and R / Shiny can be used for learning about algorithms and data visualization. Some of the apps are work in progress, to be finished as project work by students. Have fun!

  • BSTLearner   Algorithms Binary Search Trees Python

    This Jupyter Notebook features the interactive visualization of binary search trees using Jupyter Notebook Widgets and the graphviz-package. The nodes of a binary search tree are created using the class TreeNode. Binary search trees are created using the methods of the class BST. This is work in progress! To be finished as project work by students.

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  • DecisionTreeLearner   DecisionTree Failure Classification Python

    The interactive DecisionTreeLearner shows the training and usage of a decision tree model for failure prediction on a small automotive data set.

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  • RVisLearner   Data Visualization ggplot2 R

    The interactive RVisLearner shows how to create data visualizations with the base R functions hist and plot from the graphics package, and with the corresponding functions of the Tidyverse ggplot2 package.

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