Here you find an overview of current courses with details on curriculum, programming languages and tools. Students can sign up for a course on the E-Learning platform OpenOLAT, where they will find additional material for download.

Database Systems

This course gives an introduction to databases and database management systems, with focus on relational databases and an overview on NoSQL databases. Topics include:

Learning goals: Students ...

Recommended readings:

Numerical Methods

This course aims to enable students to build mathematical models for common classes of engineering problems and solve the problems by implementing appropriately chosen numerical methods. Topics covered include:

Assignments are carried out using MATLAB or Octave. Prerequisites: basic programming skills, no formal requirements.

Course description: Numerical Methods

Algorithms and Data Structures

The course gives an introduction to algorithms and data structures as well as basic principles of algorithm design and complexity analysis. Assignments are carried out by implementing the algorithms in Java, our IDE of choice is Eclipse.

Topics include

Introduction to Programming

This is an introductory course to computer science, given to second-year BSc students of Industrial Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern. The course focuses on the basic concepts of structured and object-oriented programming, using C as programming language. Topics include

Course description: Grundlagen der Programmierung